mip reusable safetex laundry bag
corner of mip reusable safetex laundry bag
mip reusable safetex laundry bag filled with laundry
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Reusable Safetex Laundry Bag, Self-Opening (Home Care) - 1 Pack

Sale price $19.99
  • Designed for the collection of soiled and infected linen
  • Self-opening in the wash, minimizing manipulation of the bag and preventing exposure to infectious linen prior to decontamination
  • Fluid-proof
Quantity Volume Discount
1 $19.99/unit
3 $19.49/unit - Save 3%
6 $18.99/unit - Save 5%
12 $17.99/unit - Save 10%

MIP Cares has developed the Safetex reusable, self-opening laundry bag intended for the collection of soiled and infected linen and apparel. Ideal for personal use, our laundry bag’s self-opening feature minimizes the product’s manipulation, preventing exposure to infectious linen and apparel prior to being washed.

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Minimize Contact

Our Safetex laundry bag helps prevent exposure to contaminated linen and apparel. Place the laundry bag in the wash, and it will self-open!

Leak Proof

Made of 100% impermeable vinyl, our Safetex laundry bag is produced with unique welded seams to ensure the bag is entirely leak-proof.

Save The Environment

Our reusable Safetex bag is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to single-use disposable bags, with a lifespan that can withstand multiple washes.

Leading Healthcare Textile Company

MIP has been providing high-quality products used by numerous health care professionals for over 40 years.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Homecare was much easier

We recently had to take in my mother-in-law and this bag has been really useful when she has accidents in bed. It keeps her clothes and bedding secured until we can toss them in the wash. Need to unsnap the bag first though, before washing it.

His care-givers love it.

I bought these for a family friend who's currently receiving at-home care. His care givers have been grateful for the purchase. They make washing the friend's clothes easier, especially if any medicine (or even just food) is accidentally spilled on them. The laundry bags are easy to use with clear instructions.

Great for parents

I've been wanting something like this for forever now and am so glad I finally bought one. It works great with our kids who are having issues with bedwetting. We just throw their clothes in, and close the bag. It's great for keeping your washer-loads separated. I always recommend it to other parents who have similar issues with their kids.