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Allow your patients to rest easy with our essential bedding and bath linen collections. Developed to perfection over the course of 40 years, MIP Cares’ products are engineered to provide the best that healthcare linens have to offer. These products use fabric technology to enable reliability around the clock, with additional benefits for skin health, soil release, and comfort. Mix and match components to create the most comfortable environment.

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What are Hospital Linens?

The term 'hospital linen' includes any textiles commonly used in hospitals and smaller healthcare practices, such as:

  • Mattress Pads
  • Pillow Covers
  • Blankets
  • Bedsheets
  • Towels

Why Should You Use Hospital Linens?

Hospital linens can vary and are designed to suit the needs of any sized healthcare practice. This can be anything from the added benefit of anti-friction repositioning devices to help prevent bedsores and protect patients’ delicate skin to the proper sizing of stretcher and hospital bed sheets. Other linens help to prevent the spread of germs and contamination in hospitals and nursing facilities.

What To Look For When Buying Hospital Linen

There are many options out there, and it can be overwhelming when researching and purchasing the appropriate hospital linens for your team. This section should help consumers narrow down what to look for when shopping for hospital linens.


There are various hospital sheets available for hospital beds, as the fit can vary when it comes to the size of the bed. A standard-sized hospital bed mattress is 36" wide x 80" long; however, specialized hospital beds utilize different size mattresses. For example, a Bariatric hospital bed (supporting users over 500 lbs) can have widths measuring from 42" wide up to 60" wide. Before purchasing, determine the appropriate size for your hospital fitted sheets by measuring your hospital mattress's width and length.

The fit of the hospital sheet should be taut and resistant to snags or pulls, so it remains smooth and soft against sensitive skin. You never want your hospital sheet to cause undesirable friction due to creases or lint.


The material of knit or woven products is also an important factor to consider when purchasing hospital linens. MIP Cares' bedding linens are made of a durable, soft, and smooth fabric with non-pilling, no-wrinkle, and no-iron properties. Our linens are also stain-resistant, with additional benefits for skin health, soil release, and comfort.


Most hospitals provide care for many patients with various conditions, meaning that there is a frequent change in the hospital's bed linen. Due to this, the linen must be easily washable as it is used more often than traditional linen. We provide products that are easy to wash and stain-resistant, keeping linens fresh and clean for a more hygienic and comfortable care environment, even after prolonged use and many washes.

Skin Protection

Skin shear or bedsores can occur, especially if a patient is bedridden. Fortunately, certain types of linen can help prevent these unwanted skin issues. Ensure your linens are made of non-pilling materials that remain smooth and soft against sensitive skin to avoid unwelcome friction due to creases or lint. In addition, when purchasing pillowcases, ensure that they are constructed with a seamless, tubular design that eliminates the potential for seams to rub uncomfortably against the neck or face.

MIP Cares Solutions

MIP Cares recognizes that the way a person feels can impact how they heal. MIP Cares takes pride in providing innovative, high-quality bedding and bath linen products to improve the quality of life for all. Shop our line of reusable Bedding & Bath Linens today!